Apostle Brandon Barthrop

President of Red Letter Ministries


Born in Seattle, Washington on August 6, 1981 Brandon led a crazy rebellious life of drugs and violence until radically finding Jesus Christ after being court-ordered to Teen Challenge. Saved in October 1999, filled with the Spirit in January 2000, five years of Bible college, then launching out in apostolic ministry in 2006 starting Red Letter Ministries.

“I completed my 22 months at Teen Challenge by my angel’s grace in 1999-2001. I grew through obedience and excellence. I completed 5 years of Bible College, graduated with a 3.4 GPA in 2006 by obedience and excellence to the divine grace of Jesus Christ in my angel. Grace continued to grow in me through 18 months of inner-city missions on the front lines of the heroin epidemic in 2006-2008. Revival broke out in 2008, and grace grew for media broadcasting and has continued to grow. This new season of greater grace will be the full angelic grace of full spiritual stature of my sonship in the sun. It takes obedience, endurance, excellence, a perfecting of faith, and a constant reliance on the greater one in your angel to overcome all that is in the world. I believe in every single one of your angels as greater and more powerful than your animal shadows. May the grace of the Lord Jesus grow in your spirits. Amen.”

-Brandon Barthrop

Apostle Rebekah Barthrop

Vice President of Red Letter Ministries 

Born and raised in Ohio Rebekah first remembers the Holy Spirit coming out of her and wrapping her like a blanket as a baby, protecting her from the demons surrounding her crib. She encountered God in His cloud chariot and was saved at age 12. After powerful continual experiences in the realm of the spirit her whole life, Rebekah received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 2017, and joined the RLM team in 2019. Rebekah moves powerfully as a razor sharp seer prophet.​

“After a decade of training in obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit as a servant to the people in the Hospitality Industry, growing in grace and favor with God and man, God the Father revealed His Crystal Heart to me visibly in my room on Valentine’s Day of 2018 while waiting on the Lord, filling me to overflowing with His Divine Love. I then began to have encounters being caught up to heaven, meeting saints in the cloud of witnesses, being visited by angels, and eventually was approached by Seraphiel, Prince of the Seraphim, who brought me into the School of Enoch where Metatron (Enoch transfigured) began to teach me how to change reality through the blood of the Lamb, the Word of God, and the 7 Spirits of God within me. Whether in body or out of body, I now work with and train in Heaven as a New Earth & New Heavens Technician.” 

-Rebekah Barthrop

Revivalist L. A. Shadracks

Head of RLM Africa, CFI RLM TV

Shadrack is born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya to lead revival.

 Meet the head of RLM Africa. As of 1/15/2023, Shadrack has led RLM Africa in 25 outreaches to the poor in Nairobi. He currently pastors our 720 person stadium and oversees all American Missionaries in our African work. Shadrack is a gifted prophetic seer with an apostolic calling on his life, and has a deep heart for the Holy Spirit’s will in his nation. Moto Bush Fire!

Jake Vossler

RLM Staff

Jake is an extremely gifted young seer prophet with an apostolic calling on his life. He works in the Minneapolis RLM Headquarters with our local community.